Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look Om Nue Pong Prai Sawat

Name: Look Om Nue Pong Prai Sawat

Batch: Som Prat Thana (fulfill the wish)

From: AJ Thongtang, ChaiYaPhum province

Built: less than 100 pieces and each piece has sealing by AJ Thongtang

Color: black

Material: Nue Khunphaen Prai Sawat (the holy powder)

Year: C.E. 2009 (B.E. 2552)

Size: diameter 1.5 cm

Origin: Thailand

Purpose for making: AJ Thongtang made amulet for join donation to help the Thai temple.

Ceremony: AJ Thongtang created and awfully blessed the magic candy by himself with the ancient textbook.
Powerful: This amulet has many supernatural powers such as bringing the great wealth, great luck and great charm to worshiper.

Biography of AJ Thongtang:
Arjarn Thongtang was ordained as a monk and studied magic knowledge almost 20 years with many Arjarns. He was studied with Phor Kroo Pram Suttho at Nakorn Sawan province for 8 years. Next, he was studied with LP BoonMa of Wat DaenKongKongWaNaRam, ChaiYaPhum province. LP BoonMa has 108 years old. Moreover, he was studied Sak Yant knowledge with layman and many Arjarn.
After success any knowledge, he had made amulet for his disciples. Amulet of Arjarn Thong has very powerful. Arjarn Thong Tang's magic power was focused on helping people succeed in running businesses and that many had experienced through his amulets.