Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LP Sorose “Phra Jao Ban Thao Tuk” *** RENTED***

“Phra-Jao-Ban-Thao-Tuk” (Troubles-Reliever) Amulet

Blessed by 95-year-old LP Sorose at Wat Koak-Oue-Thong

Possesses 4 kinds of blessing from the powerful monk to relieve 4 kinds of Financial Troubles:

1. Being broke 2. No money for saving 3. Being in debt 4. Being jobless

Excellent for Business man, Salesman, Employee, Investor, Person having financial problems

Help reduce chance to face with more serious financial problems

Also Great for Charm Increasing and Harm Protection

This item was directly taken from the Wat(temple) blessed by 85-year-old LP So-rose at Wat Koak-Oue-Thong. The specialty of this amulet is the four kinds of power effects inside the amulet which were intensively blessed by LP Sorose to help the wearers to relieve from their financial troubles. LP Sorose is one of the most powerful magic guru monks in this era. He learnt a lot of magic knowledge from many ancient well-known magic guru monks.

The name of this amulet in Thai is “Phra-Jao-Ban-Thao-Tuk” meaning "Troubles Reliever" or "God helps relieve your troubles" blessed by LP Sorose at Wat Kok-Oue-Thong. As the name implies, the supernatural power of this amulet focuses directly on Wealth & Luck Enhancement especially with strong power effects to help relieve troubles of the wearer from 4 kinds of financial problems: Being broke, No money for saving, Being in debt & Being jobless. The supernatural power inside the amulet is exceptionally high showing that LP Sorose has achieved high level of meditation. LP Sorose is now 85 years old and has been ordained as a Buddhist monk for 75 years. He is a very strict monk and has intensively learnt a lot of magic knowledge from many ancient powerful magic guru monks in the past, including LP Jard (Wat Bangkabao), LP Seng (Wat Prajantakam), LP Ear (Wat Bandan), LP U-wan (Wat Nongplub), Arjan Wan in Saraburi, Arjan Phromma & Arjan Homtham in Nakornratchasrima. Many amulets made by him are very famous and were kept in collection by many Thai amulet collectors. Many users wore his amulets and have found many extraordinary experiences.

This “Trouble Reliever” amulet was made in BE2548 (about 4 years ago). The amulet was made of clay mixed with three kinds of magic powder. First powder is the charming powder which could make the wearer more attractive. LP Sorose learnt how to make this powder from LP Jard (Wat Bangkabao). In the past, LP Jard was very famous for making Charm-increasing amulets. It was told that while LP Jard was blessing, a lot of butterflies and bees would fly over his head since his charming magic was very attractive causing even butterflies and bees like to fly over and stay near him. Second powder is the protection powder which could protect the wearer from harms. LP Sorose learnt how to make this powder from LP Ear (Wat Bandan) who was the follower of the most well-known powerful LP Suk (Wat Makamthao). Third powder is the wealth powder. LP Sorose learnt how to make this powder from LP Seng (Wat Prajantakam) who was very renowned in making Wealth amulets. The “Poak-Ka-Sap” coin (Wealth Coin) made by LP Seng is now sold in Thai amulet market for more than USD2,000. Besides the Wealth powder, LP Sorose also used the magic knowledge learnt from LP Seng to bless this “Trouble Reliever” amulet which emphasized on 4 kinds of power effects to relieve 4 kinds of financial problems as mentioned above. The amulet is now very rare.