Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phra Nang Phaya Nuer Phong Thoop, Wat Phailom, LP.Tim chanted B.E.2513

This one is Phra Nang Phaya Nuer Phong Thoop, Wat Phailom, size 2.1 X 3.1 c.m. covered with natural laquer (Sap from tree). Grey color, special type of mixture, rare.

Luangpoo Tim Isariko of Wat Laharnrai, Rayong was master of the ceremony in year B.E.2513 and also provide 1 can of "Jindamanee" powder for creation and also perform chanting ceremony 2 times.

*This batch of amulet was made in order to give away to donators in "Ngan Pook Pattasima" (Temple fair) of Wat Phailom in year B.E.2514

It all start since year B.E.2508, Phra Archan Jumpi Vipulo has been assigned from Phra Archan Poon, Abbot of Wat Phailom, Rayong, to begin collected the Raw material for making this batch of amulets includes Wan plants, both types that has Kongkrapan power(be invulnerable) and Medta (Attractiveness and great popularity) and protect from all wild animal species, Variety of minerals and Ore, Chanthaburi Gems, Shin mercury, elephant cranium bone, crystal, stone dew, Hard steel, pinnacle iron, bronze, Kawtok Phra Ruang, Black rice, Moss growth on pagoda, Kalapangha Sea Coral, pure mud of mid-ocean, soil from Kru in KamphaengPhet, Kru Sukhothai soil, Kru Ayutthaya soil, Sacred soil of 9 portal, also collected in every era powder from broken Buddha Amulets Sukhothai, U-Thong, Lop Buri,Phichit, Phitsanulok, KamphaengPhet, Suphanburi, Ayutthaya, Ratanakosin, 25 Buddha Sattawas amulet powder.

Various kind of sacred powder Pathom Ackara powder, Traisaranakhom powder, Phra Pudtakhun Powder, Phra Dhammakhun, Phra Sagkhakhun, Phrachao Ha Phra Oang, Phra Chao Sibhok Phra Oang, Trinisighe powder, Ittije powder, Patamung powder, Maharaj powder, Wat Rakhang's powder gave by LP.Nak, Powder of LP.Wong Wat Bahnkhai, Powder of LP.Tarp Wat Krabokkuenphueng, Powder of LP.Peng Wat Laharnyai Rayong, Sai Nguen, Sai Thong, Wan 108 and Kesorn, Holy water of Khunkrai's well.

All material has brought and mixed together then "Buang suang" ceremony on Saturday 22nd March B.E.2512 at 09.09 AM auspices wealthy time then beginning to made and press Amulets.. ( it takes a year to made various kind of Amulets, Powder, Soil and Phong Thoop Amulets, Takrud, Look Oam, Rein medal, Locket and Phra Kring, the initial intention is to create up to 84,000 pieces but only around 50,000+ pieces have actually made.)

Local monks in the Temple has blessing Katha Phra Parit, Phra Pudtakhun, Phra Dhammakhun, Phra Sangkhakhun, 5 monks Pray Phra Dhammajakra108 overnight for 15 nights.

Chanting ceremony starts on 22 August B.E.2513 until 5 September B.E.2513, amazingly, each of ceremony held on "Sao Ha" auspices, since start made, start chanted and the last night that LP.Tim perform single chanted also., one more thing is everynight when finish ceremony at 5 AM, it will rain for 1 minute then stop everynight.

The chanting ceremony has 9 great monks perform overnight includes, LP.Tim Wat Laharnrai, LP.Lud Wat Nongkrabok, LP.Chuen Wat Mabkha, LP.Tong Wat Bahn Pae, LP.Ruay Wat Tharuea, LP.Hom Wat Chakmak Paraerai, LP.Khong Wat Wangsupparos, LP.Somchai Wat Maenangpluem, LP.Sala Wat Pradusongtham.

Some miracle has happens, while LP.Tim was in the prayer, a photo technician cannot take his picture because the Camera Flash is not active many times, so he ask permission To Luangpoo and then can, and while LP. Tim sit Brikam pray, If he closed his eyes, Electricity will shutdown, this happen 3 times, so Luang poo has to open his eyes and chant all night without rest until dawn so the ceremony is completed ( time of ceremony start from 18:00 pm until 22:00 pm after that 8 other monks all went back, only LP.Tim stay, after some rest, he went to perform the chanting alone.