Friday, February 25, 2011

LP Sakorn KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman "Code Tho" "NuaKao", B.E.2543-2544

Dimensions: 2.7 X 4.0 cm
LP Sakorn's holy powder + large quantity of LP Tim's Phong PraiGuman

This is a very rare and a most famous LP Sakorn KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman of code Tho "NuaKao", B.E. 2543. It's a very beautiful and a championship condition because most of them have plain face, but this one the Buddha image's facial organs can be slightly seen. Moreover, the surface of the amulet was not brushed with bronze dust--which is much more rarer due to its very limited edition.

Code "Tho" is the Khom script Tho imprinted on the front surface; "NuaKao" means white content, Nua = content, Kao = white--it's so called because the amulet surface is in its original condition without bronze dust brushed on its surface.

The content of the KhunPaen composes of a large quantity of LP Tim 's Phong PraiGuman powder, so the physical appearance of the KhunPaen looks soft and much like the expensive LP Tim's version.

The KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman of this batch are called "block Wat" (temple's mold) because all processes were prepared and made by monks at Wat Nongkrub in B.E.2543, and they were distributed in B.E.2544.

The above LP Sakorn's KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman is now rare and it can well be used as a substitution KhunPaen to an expensive LP Tim's version with same efficacies and properties--especially on Metta and lady attractiveness.

The price for a LP Tim KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman is now so steep that can be reached 100,000 Baht for an item of beautiful and complete conditions, but for the above LP Sakorn's version the price is so much cheaper, roughly more than 15 times lower. This is why the LP Sakorn's KhunPaen Phong PraiGuman is a smart choice for smart collectors.

LP Sakorn is a closest disciple of LP Tim, he learned so much incantations from his teacher. LP Sakorn lived with and served LP Tim since he was 15. He was ordained a monk in B.E. 2501, and learned incantations with LP Tim since then. It's in B.E. 2526, nine year after LP Tim passed away, LP Sakorn learned with LP Koon of Wat Banrai on extra incantations for some special amulet creation.

LP Sakorn is a most important successor of LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai. When LP Tim was still alive he had publicly told that after his pass-away LP Sakorn would sit his place.

LP Sakorn is now 72 years of age and the Abbot of Wat Nongkrub, Rayong Province. LP Sakorn is respected as a greatest Guru monk of eastern region of present days.

Source: Lek Watruak's website