Monday, June 29, 2009

Phra Khunpaen Tiger

LP Pern Wat Bang Phra

LP Tuad Archan Khun Pan

9 ceremonies to commemorate 108 years of Archan Khun Pan
(he was a policeman who powerful in Magick)

LP Pern Robe

Was given by LP Pern's disciple, a monk in Wat Bang Phra during my visit in May 2009

Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang (BE 2536)

LP Pern Rian 1st Batch

LP Pern Rian 1st Batch

LP Tuad (Unidentified yet)

PhraSomdej LP Phrom 2517

LP Phrom Wat Chong-Kae

Salika and Butterfly by Kruba Krissana

Phra Khun Paen Pim Yai - 65 Anniversary Year Batch

Very Famous Phra Khun Paen Pim Yai “Manoonyo 65”

From: LP SaKorn of Wat NongGrub, Rayong province.

Color: White

Batch: Chalong Siri Mongkon of 65 years = LP SaKorn 65 Anniversary Year.

Presented: On the back has LP SaKorn’s signature (he writes by himself), gold takrut and code number under the image (1507).

Material: Made from holy powder and Pong Prai (spirit) powder. These powders are as known as magical thing that has super power protecting from bad things and charm.

Year: B.E2546 (C.E.2003).

Holy Ceremony: LP SaKorn has been studied the art of making efficacious Phra Khun Paen amulets follows LP Tim Wat Laharn Rai who is LP Sakorn’s master that has taught to build Phra Khun Paen to LP Sakorn.

Size: 2 cm x 4 cm

Purpose for making: Making this Buddha amulet is joining donation at the temple to build Guti and LP SaKorn 65 Anniversary Year.

Power: People believed that Phra Khun Paen would bring you so much wealth in your lives through fame luck as well. Also, person who worships this Buddha image will achieve good health, longevity, safety and long career.

Biography of LP Sakorn:
LP SaKorn of Wat NongGrub, Rayong province was born on 3rd February 1938. Now he is 68 year old. He studied magic and supernatural with Mr. Lor and Mr. Thad when he was young. Also, he regularly served LP Tim of Wat LaHaanRai. As he grew into a young man, he gained possession of supernatural powers, which he never used to destroy others, but always to help his peers. He was ordained at the age of 20 at Wat NongKrah. After that, he went to Wat LaHaanRai for the Buddhist Lent, where he became a disciple of LP Tim in order to dedicate himself to learning holy disciplines and Buddhist supernatural powers from LP Tim. LP SaKorn is only one who succeeds in making the amulets and magic from LP Tim who has demonstrated an exquisite spirituality and incredible Buddhist supernatural powers. LP SaKorn studied until he had developed a clear understanding of these matters and was adept at performing them. And then he had developed expertise in the supernatural matters that he had studied, a love of these aspects led him to seek instruction from the Venerable Father Peng Sasano at Wat Lahaan Yai. LP SaKorn received advice from the Venerable Grandfather Tim to go and study with LP Hin at Wat Nong Sanom, during which time he was blessed by the Venerable Grandfather Hin’s imparting of his knowledge. After his study of the supernatural with the LP Hin, LP Sakorn travelled to study with LP Som at Wat BanChong, until he had completed.
LP SaKorn further studied with various and many great masters in the use of supernatural powers including both monks and laymen. In 1965, LP Kliangtham Thiyo, the ninth Abbot of Wat Nong Krab, passed away and the inhabitants of Nong Krab travelled to see LP Tim at Wat Lahaan Pai in order to entreat for the return of LP Sakorn Manunyo to become the Abbot of Wat Nong Krab. Even though he had become the Abbot of Wat Nong Krab, he did not forsake LP Tim as his mentor and often returned to pay respect and always see to the care of LP Tim until LP Tim passed away in 1975 at the age of 72 years old.