Tuesday, February 22, 2011

PhraSomdej PimProkBoh 3 Takruts LpNak Wat Rakhang 2495

PhraSomdej by Luangpu Nark abbot of WatRakhang. Powerful create, ingredients made from the crack and broken original PhraSomdej WatRakhang by Somdej Puttajarn Toh, many people give their broken PhraSomdej to the temple and many were founded on the roof of the church at WatRakhang. Follow the same way Somdej Toh consecrated his holy powder to create this amulet, Luangpu Nark create PhraSomdej since B.E.2485, exact the same with PhraKru Sunk's PhraSomdej from WatBarngkhunphrom(Intraviharn).

This is PhraSomdej PimProkBoh(Boh tree's leafs) bless/chanted and made by LuangpuNark abbot of WatRakhang on b.e.2495(a.d.1952). The amulet same with original white PhraSomdej, special mixed with black bai-larn leaf powder, at buttom attached 3 silver trakruts for protection. One good quality PhraSomdej by Lp.Nark.

The blessing of PhraSomdej is one most powerful holy item of Thailand, the amulet bring strong wealth/luck fortune to the wearer, strong protection from evils/darkness, dangers and misfortune.

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