Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kruba Krissana Special Saliga Linthong

Back side craft with Kruba Krissana's blessing mantra and signature

Certificate by Kruba Krissana

Kruba writing Yant on the back of the Saliga

Kruba Krissana signing the certificate

Like any good rare amulet from the past to present, they come with special design and unique size which very few amount were created, Saliga Linthong is the pair of thailand ancient god birds which bless powerful attractiveness to the wearer fortune people use them for business purpose and gaining respect from all others.

This amulet is special batch one and only handmade direct from Kruba Krissana hand (BE 2551), backside attached with beautiful gems and the big size gold ball from Thailand at the center bring strong blessing of prosperous fortune. This is the special amulet one of Kruba Krissana's favorite that he had wear all the time(before painted image), For this item the money go direct to Kruba Krissana as donation to the temple, his blessing mantra and certificate will be given. One of Kruba Krissana's most powerful amulet.

The effects of the King of Butterfly pendants are as follows:

Helps in creating business opportunities and drawing wealth
Dissolving disharmony and discord between people
Easier to find help from people around
Conquering and eliminating enemies
Grants wishes and helps you achieve your aims
Averting obstacles and danger

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