Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luang Phor Thuad, Pim Marn BE 2507


Luang Phor Thuad amulet created and blessed by Ajahn Nong, Wat Saikhao, Pattani province. This very early series of amulets was blessed in BE 2707 and are thought to be equally as powerful as the original amulets created in BE 2497

It was recorded that Ajahn Nong had invited Luang Poo Tim of Wat Chang Hai to help bless and transfer sacred power into these amulets. A ceremony was organized at Wat Chang Hai and attended by some of the most powerful monks of that era including Luang Phor Krai, Luang Phor Lindum , Luang Phor Sittichai, and Luang Phor Marn etc

Sacred Materials

Many kinds of sacred materials were used to create the series of Luang Phor Tuad Marn B.E.2507 amulets:

Sacred powder of Wan 108

Sacred Powder of Dinkark-yayuk

Sacred powder of Bai Lan

Sacred powder of LP Thuad B.E.2497 amulets

Sacred powder of Khao Niawdum, believed to protect worshippers from weapons and bullets.

All materials were mixed together and pressed into the moulds by Luang Phor Tim.

After which the amulets were invited to Wat Saikhao where they were again reblessed with sacred spells by Ajahn Nong and Luang Phor Tim to further increase efficacy. Worshippers were assured that the power was equal to those originally created in BE 2497 affording the same protection.

Furthermore the name of the amulet Luang Phor Tuad Marn means “prosperity” therefore all worshippers of the amulets would also be blessed with wealth

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