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Kuman Tong: the Fortune Maker Part 3 of 3

Miraculous Experiences from People who Worship Kuman Tong

Mr. Tuarae Chenyim reveals that his restaurant runs well because of Kuman Tong. He has a very good experience with Kuman Tong. Everybody in Thailand knows him as a famous comedian and he is also the owner of "Tuarae Kitchen" an awesome restaurant in Sanam Bin Nam. His "pork spicy curry noodle" is very deficient; everyone who ever tastes it will never forget the unique taste. Mr. Taurae says that he has opened this restaurant for four months only but he has a lot of money from this business and all day long there are a lot of customers in his restaurant. He believes that it may because of he is a celebrity, but his reputation is only 30 per sent and the rest is the quality of the food that make his restaurant famous. He also reveals us his top secret that besides his effort and his service mind, Kuman Tong has helped him to get wealthy. Mr. Taurae's Kuman Tong is different from ordinary Kuman Tong because his Kuman Tong's spirit inhibits in a baby doll that he found somewhere in his restaurant. At first he heard a voice calling him father; he turned and saw a lovely doll, so he decided to keep it with him. In the evening he heard the same voice again saying that: "Father, I will help you run this business." Mr. Tuarae raises his Kuman Tong up by telling him that he can eat and touch anything but he must behave and keep the room tidy. Sometimes Mr. Taurae worships Kuman Tong with sweet drink, candy, and toy. Before he opens the restaurant, he will light 3 joss sticks for the Buddha and another 5 joss sticks to worship the spirit of the house and Kuman Tong. For him, he believes in miracle and mystical power. He has faith in Kuman Tong and the Circle of Life in Buddhism. Mr Taurae says that the most important thing is that we must not live a careless life. People need faith but at the same time they have to be virtue and keep developing their skills. He believes that the reason why he is quite successful in this restaurant business is because he is good in trade and the sacred power brings him good luck. Miss Luck... the Kuman Tong Worshipper Miss Luck is another one who loves to worship Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom. She has worshipped many Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom from various schools such as the famous Kuman Tong from Master Kong's school. When she started to worship them, she always dreamt about children. Yet, the strangest thing is that many people have seen a young boy with topknot hair in her house although she says that there is nobody there. Another miraculous thing is that she needs no one to watch her store, because she believes that Kuman Tong can help her take care of the store very well, and it is very strange that her store has never been robbed. Miss Luck also tells us that nowadays there are a lot of beautiful gold necklaces that her friends have given to her most powerful Kuman Tong from Laung Por Tae's temple. Her friends prayed for her Kuman Tong and he made their wishes come true, so they brought him these gold necklaces. She says that Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom from Master Kong always appear to her family. She would always bring Ruk-Yom with her all the time because she believes that they would add her charm and bring her good luck.

The Wisdom Hidden in Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom

Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom are made in the shape of young boys. The masters in the past did not create them in adult figure because they believed that young children possessed the power of charm in them, and children's mind is clean and easily to be taught unlike the solid mind of the adult. The great masters have created Kuman Tong in various positions. Some of them can stand on their own or some sucking an umbilical cord. For Kuman Tong in the statue of a young boy who can stand on his two legs would be about 2-3 years old. The masters in the past believed that the children naturally had power of charm. Everybody loved them, kept nourishing them, and would forgive them if they misbehaved. For Kuman Tong who appears as a fetus sucking umbilical cord, the great masters created Kuman Tong in this position to stand for the symbol of typical care and attention. The mother would advocate her love for the child more than usual in this state, so that she can die for her child. This symbol represents the extreme power of charm. The wisdoms behind the creation of Kuman Tong come directly from nature and everyday life. When the great masters who are inspired by these wisdoms, have created this talismans, they can bring good things and even miracle to their lives and people who worship their talismans. Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom have to be created in the figure of young boys because when we worship and carry them with us, we will make other people love us as if we were their sons. The power of Kuman Tong will make the authorities love us and provide us more advantage. This is the reason why Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom become very famous talismans.

The Incantation Used in Creating Kuman Tong

"Om suwanno piyakumaro mahapooto mahittigo suppatisaesuwattago suppakamaesukojaro suppachaenanunghatayae mahataechoprawattigo ruttanatayanupawaena ruttanatayataeyasa tewanung-ittipalaena kumarojamahittigo." This incantation means that: "Kuman Tong, the king of all the spirits, who has the extreme power, could travel in every direction to everywhere, and to everyone's mind. With the power of the Three Gems and sacred angels, I wish you have the strongest power.

The Incantation Used in Ordering Kuman Tong

"Kudchamahapooto Samanudsaso sataewago karohi pito wadjanaena sumpunnaena prasittiya." This spell means that: "Kuman Tong who has a strong power of all angels and men, may you please obey my order." After reciting this incantation, you could tell your Kuman Tong what you desire.

The Incantation Used in Creating Charming Kuman Tong

"Matayataniyungputtung ayusa aekaputtamanurukkae awumpi suppapootaemanasumpawayerparimanung." After reciting this incantation 3 times, you then pray in your mind that: "Mother loves the only child in her womb with her life, let there be the same kind of love everywhere." After this you can make a wish. For example, if you are going to see anyone, you can call his name and wish him to love and please you. With the power of Lord Buddha, Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom, you will get what you want.

The Incantation Used in Making the Opposite Sex Love You

If you want Kuman Tong to help you make any man and woman, who you are interesting in, love you. You can recite this incantation: "Piyotaewamanudsanung piyoprommanumuttamo piyonakasupunnanung pininsiyungnamamihung." Recite this incantation 3 times, and you will appear more attractive in other people's eyes.

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