Saturday, June 6, 2009

Somdej Phya Ngiw Dam Wat Mai-Ban-Dorn

Somdej Phya Ngiw Dam from Wat Mai-Ban-Dorn Blessed by Uncountable Ancient Monks during past 32 years

Amazingly high power even though the size is relatively small !!

Impressively beautiful appearance, Real gold leaf covering in the front

Made of powder grinded from sacred Ngiw Dam wood mixed with various rare magic substances

Extremely excellent for Wealth-Luck-Prosperity Increasing & Sickness healing

Also excellent for repelling and protecting you from Black Magic & Harm

Always worship & wear this amulet to bring big Wealth, Luck & Prosperity to you

Can make holy water to improve sickness, repel evils & black magic inside human body

The amulet was created in BE2519, about 32 years ago, by the ex-abbot of Wat Mai Ban Dorn. Prior to the creation, a man named Khun Suchin Jane-aree unexpectedly found a big hole in the field of his relative who was a farmer in Bangrajan district in Singhaburi province. The hole was surrounded by a lot of trees which made the hole unseen for long time. The depth of the hole is about 2 meters and at the bottom, he found a big old stone inscription with the size about 1x1.5x0.2 meters and there was a big log of black wood laid on it. On the stone, he also found an engraved message written in ancient Khmer language with the following meaning:

“ This is the Nang Phya Ngiw Dam wood which is a very powerful sacred wood. Whoever finds this wood and brings this wood to worship would gain big wealth and luck as well as prosperity. Sickness can also be cured by this sacred wood. “

Before this finding, the farmer who was the landlord used to dream about an ancient old man who always came into his dream and told him to bring the sacred thing under his land to donate to a temple. Accordingly, Khun Suchin, the founder, and the landlord decided to bring this Ngiw Dam wood to donate to Wat(temple) Mai Ban Dorn. The wood was kept unused at the Wat for years but some small cracked pieces of wood were given away to a few persons who came to make merit at the Wat. As many years passed, many extra-ordinary experiences were found by those who brought the Ngiw Dam wood to worship. Some could get big wealth & luck and some could be recovered from long-time sickness. Having heard about those amazing experiences, the ex-abbot decided to make amulets made of grinded powder from this Ngiw Dam wood mixed with many kinds of magic substances, ie. various holy herbs & flowers, magic powder from many ancient magic guru monks, powder from many ancient powerful amulets, Itijae powder, Patamang powder, Mharaj powder, Akara-Trimas powder, Puthakhun powder, powder of ancient holy books, magic soil from many holy places in India, magic soil from many holy places in Thailand and a lot more that are not listed here. The amulet was then blessed by the powerful ex-abbot who learnt his magic knowledge from renowned powerful ancient magic guru monk, LP Nai (Wat Banjang). Moreover, the amulet was repeatedly blessed by uncountable magic monks in every blessing ceremonies held at Wat Mai Ban Dorn during past 30 years!! Just to name a few monks who have blessed this amulet, they are as follows: Phra Kru Arkom (the ex-abbot), LP Doon (this ancient monk is believed to be an Arahant who could reach the state of enlightenment), LP Puth (Wat Pasarawan), well-known LP Koon (Wat Ban Rai) and a lot more which are not listed here. No wonder why, this amulet has tremendous supernatural power which came from the power of the ancient holy Ngiw Dam wood plus with the power created by uncountable blessing ceremonies blessed by uncountable powerful magic guru monks.

It is believed that there is a powerful deva staying in every piece of Ngiw Dam wood who could help those who respect and worship him. In the pictures, you can see me standing in front and sit inside the shrine of this deva (the shrine is located in the Wat). Also in the picture, you could see a piece of black Ngiw Dam covered by many gold leafs which is the only piece left now as most of the wood was already used up for making the amulets.

To make holy water for sick person or person who is attacked from black magic, please follow below steps:

1. Wrap the amulet in plastic bag to seal it from water.

2. Put the bag in a bowl of water and make a wish to the deva inside the amulet to obtain holy water to improve the sickness then leave the amulet in the bowl overnight or even for many days and nights.

3. Always let the patient drink the water.

4. Always donate some money to public hospitals and make wish to share the merit you make to karma owner who cause the sickness and to the deva inside the amulet. Don’t forget to make wish to recover from the sickness too.

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